Pure 18 Alejandro Vez Fucks Steven Roman Smutty

Pure 18 Alejandro Vez Fucks Steven Roman Smutty play

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I suggested that we go up to my bedroom and I would show her something new Amateurs. She said what she was doing still felt good, but that she didn't feel anything like what I was apparently feeling. She gasped when we finally came up for air, and Judy said, "Wow, Mom! I've never been kissed like that before!" Then my hands worked their way down over her butt taking her panties along with them as they went

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. . He told me to suck this rock hard thing which I did! Both back doors of the van were wide open and the two that had pulled on my nipples along with anyone that walked by could see a completely naked white slut like me that was in the back of this van sucking on a fully dressed black mans enormous cock! I felt so helpless and humiliated but his hard cock was getting close as I felt him stiffen, and I was surprised when he pulled out of my mouth and didn't cum? After this he told me to get up on my knees so he could do me doggy style OMG I had been fucked hard with big dicks before like this but he was so huge, and I felt him really stretch me slowly at first and then with incredible animal lust he could not help himself jammed it hard all the way into me! I screamed so loud that I was sure that the sporting event security guards and half the people in the stadium could hear me and would be there any minute to see who, (Me) that had made such a terrible animal like noise! Then he really started fucking me


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Alejandro Vez Fucks Steven Roman

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